No relation to the stop-motion spoof...

On March 24th, I will be attending my first horror convention. I've been to sci-fi/comic conventions, but obviously, my heart lies in the horror genre. I've wanted to go to a convention ever since I discovered that such a thing exists. I can still remember being 13 and reading about Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in bewildered, open-mouthed awe. But cool shit only happened in big cities. We do have a convention center in Hickory, North Carolina, but it predominantly hosts gun shows and the occasional sci-fi/comic clambake. When I found out that there would be an honest-to-goodness horror convention in Charlotte, I nearly splooged all over my two-tape King of the Rocket Men set (I don't know, it was the first reference that came to mind).

If you live in or around the Charlotte area, click HERE to read the details (date, address, guests, etc.). I'm going on Saturday, the 24th. If you see me, say hello. Chances are, I'll be the wheelchair-bound sucker forking over untold amounts of cash for a VHS copy of 555. Just kidding; I'm not that stupid (in truth, I'm almost that stupid). I plan on posting a write-up about my experience at The Mad Monster Party. Can't! Wait!

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  1. Pretty solid line-up of guests. I still haven't had the pleasure of forking over 20 bucks for Roddy Piper or Mary Woronov's autographs, and we have lots of horror cons out my way.