Fuck it. I always say that if maintaining this website (or a certain part of it) begins to feel like work, I'm going to stop doing it. Listen, I'm a wrestling fan. I love it. I want the WWE (and even TNA) to succeed. But I'm so fed up with the current product, that I refuse to write about it. Simply put, I don't enjoy cooking up reviews of Raw and Smackdown anymore. I almost dread having to deal with Parts Unknown, unless I'm critiquing an "old school" show. So I'll still review old episodes of Raw, Nitro, Thunder, Heat, Superstars, WCW Worldwide, etc...fear not! Parts Unknown isn't drifting off entirely. I just need a fucking break from modern day sports entertainment.

I know I made a promise yesterday. It sucks, but I won't make a habit out of 86'ing upcoming projects. I apologize to those who look forward to my takes on Raw and Smackdown (all two of you). Who knows? I may lift my self-imposed moratorium at some point. There are times in life when you have to ask yourself, "What would Johnny Polo do?"

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