Black History Month just got a little more exciting...

If you'll notice, other fansites have theme weeks (or months). Internet celebrities like The Cinema Snob and The Nostalgia Critic map out their reviews in accordance with a common denominator. For instance, they might have Public Domain Month or Shitty Sequel Month. I got to thinking...if I were to tackle a theme, wouldn't that defeat the purpose of this blog? It's called Random Reviews. There are no themes! But I could justify it if the theme itself was ridiculously random. So I decided to dub the rest of February as Uncool Vampire Flicks Available For Instant Viewing On Netflix Month. Actually, it's less of a month and more of a fortnight.

Which films will I be covering? I'm glad you asked. I'll be hitting Queen of Blood, Rockula and Netherbeast Incorporated. The fun starts later tonight. Man, I'll be an Internet celebrity in no time.

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