Parts Unknown #32: Smackdown

A few Green Bay Packers were in attendance at the Smackdown tapings. I was curious as to how they would play into the night's festivities, and I must say, I cracked a smile when Clay Matthews ran down the aisle wearing a referee's shirt towards the end of the main event. It didn't make sense, but I smiled nonetheless. How was the rest of the show? Let's find out...


~ The Kofi Kingston/Alberto Del Rio match. I like the fact that the Intercontinental Champion is feuding with the number one contender to Edge's title. Hopefully, the IC belt will become more prestigious in 2011.

~ Drew McIntyre's easy win over Chris Masters. This could be his year, folks.

~ Devout readers of this column know that I'm not big on Michelle McCool, but you know what? She did a fantastic job. Hear me out. LayCool is on the verge of breaking up, so I dug how Michelle reacted after Layla's loss to Eve Torres. She looked shocked and disappointed. I wouldn't mind seeing her as a babyface.

~ The Wade Barrett/Rey Mysterio match. I literally cheered when Wade scored the pinfall. God, I'm a geek.

~ Kane's second consecutive squash match. I don't know how everyone else feels about it, but I'm loving how monstrous Mr. Jacobs has looked lately. Put a mask on him, and I'll mark like a fool.

~ The match between Edge and Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Title. Again, this might prove to be an unpopular opinion, but I'm cool with the finish.


~ The Vladimir Koslov/Justin Gabriel match. Now, I approve of the manner in which the 450 splash is being put over as a signature move (if Gabriel ever has a face turn, he is going to get massive pops as soon as he points to the top turnbuckle), but that's the only thing that I liked about this segment. It just reminded me of how awesome WWE's tag division used to be.

Another solid Smackdown. What else is new?

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