The Junkyard #4


I need to make one thing clear. This is not a blurb about Oberto's line of beef jerky. This is a blurb about Oberto's line of beef jerky sticks. For whatever reason, it's incredibly difficult to find individually wrapped sticks of seasoned, dehydrated meat. I'm not talking about those thick rods of beef that you can find in any grocery store. If I wanted to snap into a Slim Jim, I would. I'm talking about thin sticks of jerky. The only brand that delivers such snacks to my area is Oberto. Oh, boy!

I don't know why I prefer to eat beef jerky in the form of a ruler, but I do. It's just easy. Clearly, meat snacks are an acquired taste, and if your tastebuds aren't predisposed to enjoy beef jerky, there is nothing that anyone can do to convince you to munch on it. For instance, my mom hates the stuff. She can't even stand the smell of it. My dad and I are different creatures, though. We'll try any jerky once. Beef, turkey, alligator, buffalo, ostrich, venison...you name it, we've chewed on it. It seems to be more of a guy thing.

Apart from the shape, what separates Oberto's flavored strips of leather from those of Pemmican or Jack Link's? Er, not much. I'm mainly spotlighting Oberto because I'd like to see thin sticks of jerky to become more prevalent in the marketplace. Consumers deserve to have options, damn it!

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