Parts Unknown #35: Smackdown

This was a cool episode of Smackdown. It wasn't the most logical two hours of sports entertainment that I've seen, but I had fun with it. Here's the part where I lead into the review with an ellipsis...


~ Kane and Rey Mysterio always have solid matches together. You'd think that the size difference would limit them, but it doesn't. Kane applied a bear hug at one point. Haven't seen that in awhile. I hate to use the term "vintage," but this match definitely had an old-school vibe to it.

~ Dusty Rhodes as a heel? Wow. They could have given a reason for his betrayal of Rey's friendship, but again, this had all of the trimmings of a classic swerve. A vintage swerve, if you will (that's my Dusty Rhodes impression). Cody's promo was golden. I loved how the crowd reacted when he pulled off Rey's mask. Let's hope that Mexico's favorite superhero will do the right thing and put Cody over by giving him a clean win at Wrestlemania.

~ They're building Layla up for an effective face turn. You can tell that the WWE universe is ready to cheer for her. The writers have handled this storyline (surprisingly) well.

~ I'm digging Big Show's current persona as a lovable goofball who could murder someone with his bare hands.

~ Vickie Guerrero begging the cameramen to help her. Pretty funny.


~ Are they actively trying to make Kofi Kingston look like the weakest Intercontinental Champion of all time? This title has lost so much prestige. The next IC champ (it will probably be Jack Swagger) needs a lengthy, high-profile title reign. It's bad enough that the tag titles have become meaningless.

~ No Undertaker? Was he traded to Raw? What gives?

That's all for this edition of Parts Unknown. Next week, I'll be going toe to toe with Duke "The Dumpster" Droese in an evening gown match!

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