Blood Capsule #3


Let's play word association. Ready? Satan. What comes to mind? If you're like most people, you immediately thought of The Bermuda Triangle. Well, that's what I think of because I just watched The Dark Side of the Moon. The twin brothers who penned the screenplay must have rolled a lot of joints and listened to a lot of Pink Floyd records. Maybe they used this film as an excuse to flex their idioglossia (look it up). Whatever the case, this is a mediocre sci-fi romp about a marooned space shuttle suffused with saltwater and moustached manifestations of Satan. It's fucking bonkers.

The story arc turns into a sickly retelling of The Thing, complete with "body hopping" and the compulsory stand-off where each character takes a turn accusing the others of being the baddie. For a second, it seemed like this flick was onto something. The premise is outlandish enough to be entertaining, but first-time director D.J. Webster drops the ball. One of the more forgettable Vidmark releases.

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