Matches That Time Forgot #28

Have you ever wondered why Marty Jannetty never achieved the kind of success that Shawn Michaels did? Me neither. I think it's fairly obvious that Marty lacked HBK's raw charisma, but don't mistake my candor for an unjust burial. I dig Marty. Always have, always will. When it comes to in-ring mechanics, he was a dependable worker. Today's Match That Time Forgot proves that he could "dance" with any wrestler. It didn't matter if it was a technical craftsman (see his Raw bout against Doink) or a lumbering behemoth. He could adjust his style to accommodate giants and grapplers alike.

Watch as he keeps the crowd engaged during a protracted match opposite Mr. Hughes. To be fair, the burly Hughes deserves some of the credit for making this odd pairing work. He had his heel tactics down to a science. If your forehead is currently crinkled, allow me to refresh your memory. Mr. Hughes enjoyed a brief stint in the WWF, and if you blinked in 1993, you probably missed it. He wrestled for several companies (including WCW), but he was gainfully employed by Vince McMahon just long enough to pilfer The Undertaker's urn. In the mid-90's, that was the easiest way to kickstart a feud.

I'm not sure why Hughes left the Fed, but his humdrum gimmick couldn't have helped matters. He looked like a cross between Big Bully Busick and Irwin R. Schyster. He would steal your lunch money and invest it in mutual funds, I suppose.

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