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RE: Chris Jericho's return...

- It was clever. It makes perfect sense for his heel persona to mock and manipulate the WWE fawning faithful.

- I'm okay with having to wait for answers. Even if the recondite hype videos were explained away last night, I would still tune in next week. But I'm not the typical wrestling fan.

- It was bad TV. In order for there to be another wrestling boom (which is a distinct possibility), the WWE needs to win over casual fans. Those are the people who boost ratings. Those are the people who switched back and forth from college football to Monday Night Raw to see what all of the fuss was about. And those people are confused right now. Unfortunately, most of them won't care enough to tune in next week. Why? Because Y2J's return didn't give them a reason to care. It didn't give them...anything.

- Look, you don't have to explain everything up front, but you do need to explain something. As soon as Jericho retreated to the backstage area to a chorus of jeers (alongside a few halfhearted cheers), every smark in the world nodded their head in approval. "Ah, I see what he's getting at." The casual fans? "What the fuck? That was dumb."

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