Matches That Time Forgot #27

Sometimes, even I am taken aback by how random these matches are. Today's gladiator joust (NOTE: Joust was my favorite game on American Gladiators) sees "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan no-sell against Galaxy. We're in Nitro territory, which means that Duggan is a stiff clodpate who is way past his prime. I mean, this was 1997. The guy had nothing to offer. His entire WCW run consisted of squash matches where he buried young talent. I don't mean to suggest that Galaxy had a future, but why put Duggan in the ring with a cruiserweight to begin with? Oh, who is Galaxy?

Galaxy is Damian 666 under a mask. Who is Damian 666? He's a well-respected luchador who was brought in to fill out the cruiserweight division. He actually wrestled under both gimmicks simultaneously, but neither character picked up any meaningful wins. Damian 666 is still active, tagging with rudos in AAA. Duggan...is not.

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