Parts Unknown #95: Smackdown

It's Sin City Smackdown! In other words, it's...another episode of Smackdown!


~ Daniel Bryan as a full-fledged heel. His promos are better, and he actually seems to be getting a reaction out of the crowd. Of course, it's a taped show, so there is no way of knowing how much of his heat is genuine. Most of it could be canned. Either way, this heel turn was the best thing for D-Bry's character. Also, I dug the way that the lumberjack match devolved into an intemperate brouhaha.

~ Cody Rhodes and Justin Gabriel work well with each other. The Cape Town Werewolf (voted Nickname Least Likely to Trend on Twitter by...um, me) is finally over with the fans, unless his cheers are piped in with the duplicitous sincerity of a Goldberg chant.

~ The tornado tag match between E&P and The Uso's. We saw a few unique double-team maneuvers, and it's always nice to have real tag team wrestling on WWE television. Unfortunately, these four promising talents weren't given enough time to tell a story. Week in and week out, the tag matches are too short. It's bullshit, Vince. Bullshit.

~ The dance-off was funny, but let's hope it was the last one of 2012 (we all know it won't be).

~ Honestly, Wade Barrett bores me, but his scuffle with Sheamus was smooth. Solid action.

~ I'm only listing Drew McIntyre's loss as a pro because I have no idea what they're planning on doing with him next week. I have a reason to tune in.

~ The flag match between Hunico and Ted DiBiase. Again, I have no idea where this feud is heading, but kudos to Ted for prospering as a babyface.


~ Why does Hornswoggle still have a job?

~ Why does Aksana still have a job?

As you can surmise, I didn't have much to say about this episode of Smackdown. It continues to be superior to its Monday night counterpart. What else is new?

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