Deep Red

I can't do it. I've tried, but I just can't do it. I've seen quite a few Argento films now, and each time, I convince myself that I'm going to dig it. But I don't. I was told by a friend that Deep Red was going to be the one to win me over. It has a cool title, and I knew that it would have cool death sequences, but what about the script? The characters? There was nothing to sink my teeth into. Hell, I had to look up spoilers online just to get a grip on the convoluted plot. When it comes to Italian horror cinema, I'm sticking with Fulci and Bava from here on out.

This is a pure giallo. It's about a mysterious killer. That's all they had to write on the back of the DVD. "There's a mysterious killer with black gloves. Someone tries to figure out the identity of the killer. Stuff happens." I've noticed that giallo fans aren't bothered by the cliches of the genre. I am. Seriously, what's the difference between Deep Red and any other flick of this ilk? I don't see the appeal. Yes, it's directed fairly well (the drowning scene is beautifully composed), but I need more meat on the bone than what Argento offers.

The characters are forgettable and the pace is painstakingly sluggish. I could barely stay awake to catch the climax, which was admittedly rousing. So that's it. I'm done with Argento. I think you have to be a certain type of person to jive on this wavelength. That fucking doll was creepy, though.

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