Parts Unknown #5: Smackdown

This edition of Parts Unknown will be short and simple, as I feel like shit. I think I'm coming down with the flu.


~ The Edge/Alberto Del Rio match was quality stuff. I would expect nothing less from these two performers.

~ Dolph Ziggler's beatdown on JTG. I like the fact that Dolph toyed with him and prolonged the match when he could have ended it sooner. Now THAT is how a heel works a match.

~ The three-way dance for a shot at Ziggler's Intercontinental Championship. I'm surprised that MVP won.

~ The 20-minute main event. This is why I love Smackdown. The main events actually feel like main events.


~ The Vickie/Kaitlyn match. Seriously?

~ David Otunga should never be given that much time on the mic. Needless to say, I'm not a fan.

~ Why are they pushing Tyler Reks over Chris Masters? Their Superstars rematch was decent, but Masters should have picked up the victory.

All in all, Smackdown was rock solid. The Vickie/Kaitlyn anti-match nearly crippled the first hour, but the second hour picked up steam. Oh, and I detest Theraflu. That's the last fucking time I force that swill down my throat.

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