Parts Unknown #13: Smackdown

This week, we got four King of the Ring qualifying matches in addition the requisite Diva's match. It wasn't that exciting, but it wasn't bad. It definitely wasn't bad. I don't even remember the last bad Smackdown.


~ The Kofi Kingston/Jack Swagger match. It lasted around 15 minutes. Swagger was able to get in some good offense, but surprisingly, Kofi picked up the clean win.

~ Hornswoggle killing Swagger's soaring eagle with a bow and arrow. Yes, it was dumb, but it was funny. Was that Rosa Mendes at the dinner table? She looked different. She looked delicious.

~ I liked the way that the Del Rio/Big Show match ended. Show dominated, but he was counted out while socking Alberto's smarmy ring announcer in the kisser. The right guy won the match and retained all of his heat.

~ Drew McIntyre advances to the tournament! Good.

~ The Cody Rhodes/Rey Mysterio match. Since Rey won't be involved in King of the Ring, I'm hoping that a Lucha Libre stand-off will be penciled in for next week's episode between him and Del Rio. Better yet, tease said showdown and book it for TLC.


~ Kane loves Thanksgiving? He has feelings? Ick! What were they thinking with that promo? Unless he's a face, he shouldn't be anything close to a human being. This feud is beginning to sour.

~ It was great seeing Beth Pheonix back on Smackdown, but why didn't she wrestle? I'm sick of Kelly goddamn Kelly, although she did execute a nice roll-up pin combination.

Well, that's it. There wasn't much to comment on. Again, it was a humdrum episode, but the matches were solid. Until next time...

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