Parts Unknown #8: Smackdown

No time for chit-chat. Let's get right into it...


~ Strong opening that solidifies Edge as the top face on Smackdown. I hate to disrupt the chronological order of this review, but I want to jump ahead and commend the "kidnapping" of Paul Bearer. It was a cool way to shake things up. The championship bout between Edge and Kane is shaping up to be the highlight of Survivor Series.

~ The Alberto Del Rio/Kofi Kingston match. Hey, TNA! This is what an opening match looks like. And I didn't even have to sit through 45 minutes of mewling promos to see it!

~ The Natalya/Layla match. These two lovely ladies were actually given a decent amount of time. I've said it before; I'll say it again. If Natalya doesn't win the Diva belt, I'll be positively incensed.

~ The lumberjack match between Edge and David Otunga. Edge had to carry this match for it to work, but at least it worked. Loved the ending. Again, I'm really digging the way that Edge's feud with Kane is playing out.

~ The main event. I already touched on the ending, but it's worth repeating. Crafty storytelling.

~ Finlay sighting!


~ The MVP/Dolph Ziggler match was entertaining, but I was hoping that either Vickie or Kaitlyn would pop up. Is the love triangle officially dead? In my opinion, Kaitlyn should be Dolph's new valet.

~ Why was Goldust one of the lumberjacks? Has he been traded from Raw to Smackdown? An explanation would have been nice.

As you can see, I enjoyed this week's episode of Smackdown. There were only five matches, but I'd rather have five quality matches than seven or eight throwaways. I'll be back tomorrow with a movie review.

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