Parts Unknown #10: Impact

I came close to skipping Impact after last week's abysmal episode, but I'm a merciful soul. I decided to give TNA a chance to redeem itself. This week's show was an improvement, although the bar is still much lower than it should be. Let's see what happened...


~ The mixed tag match wasn't bad. There have been too many mixed tag matches lately, but the boys saved this one, namely the Buck brothers and Jay Lethal.

~ Jeff Jarrett's MMA demonstration. Growing up, I was never a big fan of Double J, but he's having a blast with his current heel persona and I dug his performance last night. They handled Samoa Joe's run-in pretty well.

~ The Raven/Jeff Hardy match. Raven was able to execute a few nice moves in what was more than likely his last match in the major leagues (if you consider TNA to be a part of the major leagues). Knowing Dixie Carter, she'll probably sign him in two years for yet another "farewell run" along with the rest of the ECW gang.

~ The number one contender's match between Angelina Love and Mickie James. It was a good back-and-forth brawl. Angelina's bizarre encounter with Katie Lea (oops, I mean Winter) after the match was intriguing. What's with the homoerotic undertones? Where the fuck are they taking this character?


~ Another sappy Dreamer promo. Whatever.

~ The casket match between Abyss and Shannon Moore. Could this shit be any derivative? The match itself was slow and repetitive. I keep waiting for Kane or The Undertaker to come out and destroy Abyss.

~ I hated Brother Ray's promo. I hate this whole storyline. Ray's reason for turning against Devon doesn't even make sense.

~ I can't buy that Ric Flair would dominate Matt Morgan for any longer than two seconds. Jesus, Ric. Retire!

~ Another face turn? The crowd doesn't care about Douglas Williams whether he's a face or a heel.

Again, this episode wasn't as wretched as last week's disaster, but it wasn't that great either. I'm not amused.

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