Parts Unknown #3: Raw

Ah, Monday Night Raw. I recently bought The Best of Raw: Seasons 1 & 2, and I couldn't believe how much fun this show used to be. It's probably just nostalgia, but man, those early episodes were highly entertaining. Plus, the matches were usually grade-A material. Nowadays, we're lucky to get one good match on Raw. Every once in awhile, the creative team (which now includes Freddie Prinze Jr.) will surprise me, but for the most part, this is my least favorite wrestling show on television. Let's see what happened this week...


~ Pee-Wee Herman is our guest host for the evening! His skits weren't actually that funny, but I still enjoyed seeing him. Hopefully, WWE will put this "guest host" business to bed.

~ Lita's cameo. Wow. I sincerely hope that this leads to her resigning with the company. I hated the way that she was written out of the WWE universe, and let's face it, the Diva division could use her right now.

~ Okay, I'll admit it; Santino's shtick is humorous. "I will throw up...on your faaaace."

~ Ezekiel Jackson's squash match. Normally, I impugn short matches, but this one had a purpose to serve. Props to Zack Ryder for selling like a champ.

~ The Show/Miz match was decent. Internet fans rag on Show's in-ring capabilities, but I like him. For someone his size, he's a passable wrestler.

~ The Vinnie Mac segment. It was kind of ridiculous, but I'm interested in seeing where this goes. And Stephanie is still smoking hot.


~ The tag match. Why on Earth are they breaking up The Hart Dynasty? Isn't the tag division weak enough? Add that to the fact that The Gatecrashers have parted ways over on Smackdown, and you've got yourself one pathetic tag team division.

~ I'm tired of the Cena/Nexus stuff. I don't dislike it, but I don't give a fuck about it either.

~ Another "blah" Diva's match. If Natalya doesn't win the strap at Survivor Series, I'm going to rape someone.

And that's it. That's it? Huh, this episode wasn't so bad.

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