Parts Unknown #7: Impact



~ Not applicable.


~ Dear God, this was a terrible episode. First of all, the 20-minute opening segment was laughable. There were four or five instances where someone's music would start playing and that person would walk out and deliver a promo. Keep in mind, that was after 10 minutes of bullshit inside of the ring.

~ Jeff Hardy's "custom" belt. Are you fucking serious? It looks like something The Joker would have cobbled together in the 1989 Batman.

~ The mixed tag match. It wasn't a match. Basically, all of the matches were boring. I was disgusted.

~ The Team 3D swerve was so pointless and predictable. Does Vince Russo have a "swerve quota" to meet? Unbelievable.

Fuck it. I'm done with this week's Impact. If next week's episode doesn't show any improvement, I'm going to drop TNA from this column. Maybe I can start reviewing MTV2's lucha libre promotion.

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