And the Slammy for "Worst Opening Segment" goes to...

So I stop watching Raw after two hours of UNBELIEVABLY SHITTY SHIT, and I miss Kane's return? Are you kidding??? Fuck you, WWE! Yeah, I've seen the video online, but it's not the same as catching it live. Motherfuck.

Clearly, I'm not reviewing Raw today. I'm considering jumping back to Smackdown and swearing off the red brand for the foreseeable future. Speaking of red things, I will be posting my Kane retrospective tomorrow. That's also where you will find my thoughts on last night's epic return.


  1. I'm just stoked he has the mask and long hair again. Now if he reverts to his really old ways and doesn't even talk, then I'll be really happy. That's the Kane I really love, the one that looks badass and just destroys people with no rhyme or reason or emotion.

  2. He'll probably talk, but so far, he seems like the unhinged Kane of old.