Parts Unknown #93: Smackdown

Does this count as a go-home show? Regardless, it was average. We're starting to see fresh faces on Smackdown, and I, for one, couldn't be happier.


~ I loved the verbal exchange between Cody and Booker. They should have scheduled the match for a certain PPV (starts with "Roy" and ends with "al Rumble"), but this has been an engaging feud all the same. I'm somewhat of a Goldust mark, so I ejaculated on my orphan slave when his entrance music blared throughout the arena. Nice touch. For the record, my orphan slave was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was nothing personal.

~ The Ted DiBiase/Jinder Mahal match. It was well-paced, well-timed and I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. He may be weighed down with a one-note gimmick, but I dig what Mahal brings to the table.

~ Tamina's superkick.

~ So they're finally doing something with Drew McIntyre. Losing to Big Zeke isn't an ideal way to charge out of the gate (especially for a lad who was once "preordained" to emerge as the cream of the crop), but hey, it's...something.


~ I don't mean to deprecate Hunico, but another Latin tag team? Really? What's the deal? And why are they trying to pass off Haku's son as a Mexican? Are they going to feud with Primo and Epico? If so, why are they heels? This doesn't add up. Look, you know me. You know that I'm game for new tag teams, but this is analogous to debuting The Smoking Gunns a mere month after debuting The New Blackjacks.

~ What are they doing with Daniel Bryan? Why is The Big Show feuding with David Otunga? Why is Mark Henry hellbent on evening the score with Mr. Wight instead of focusing on reclaiming the World Heavyweight Championship?

~ Keep Hornswoggle as far away from Sheamus as humanly possible. Their little skit was fatal. The Great White should be challenging for the belt right now, but who is he beginning to quarrel with? Heath fucking Slater.

~ No Uso's.

Well, Orton is on the sidelines. The future is bleak for Friday nights. Hopefully, The Undertaker will rise from the dead and give casual wrestling fans a reason to tune into Smackdown. A returning Y2J will help, but I imagine that he will be a mainstay on Raw. Where is The Missing Link when you need him?

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