Parts Unknown #91: Smackdown

Parts Unknown is back and in full effect! For the time being (READ: until Raw stops sucking), this column will exclusively focus on Smackdown. It's nice to see you again, blue brand. I haven't figured out why your writing team is more sensible than the blundering rubes behind Raw, but why ask why?


~ Booker T can still cut a promo. I love how they are building up to this match. While the outcome may seem like a foregone conclusion, this feud has been an effective one. Don't be surprised if Cody and Booker steal the show tomorrow night.

~ The Rhodes/Bryan match. The finishing counter was sweet. However, The American Dragon needs to move on and spar with someone that he can dominate.

~ Primo and Epico have new ring gear! I can't believe it; there are three legitimate tag teams in the WWE. You've got the right idea, Vince/Hunter. Keep at it. The match itself (against my Uso's) was solid. I understand why P&E picked up the victory (Air Boom needs to drop the titles to a pair of heels), but I hope that Fatu's offspring gain momentum heading into 2012. With the right booking, they could be over in a major way. I say, give them a lovable manager...perhaps their father?

~ To be blunt, I'm not interested in the Big Show/Mark Henry rivalry, but I'll give credit where credit is due. Show managed to work smoothly with Jack Swagger. But I'm not interested in Swagger either.

~ I'll admit it. Ted DiBiase is decent as a babyface. Jinder Mahal's interference was weird, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. At least they didn't axe him after Khali decided to go home.

~ The main event. Yep.


~ Another Diva's match, another roll-up win. What the fuckety-fuck? I'm starting to dig Alicia Fox. She's athletic enough, but what's the story here? What are they doing? You can't base a division on 2-minute matches, and Fox will never amount to anything with the shit they're feeding her ("You're synthetic and pathetic."). And why do they insist on burying Natalya? Inexcusable, every bit of it.

See you next Saturday! Well, I'll see you before Saturday because I update the site on a daily basis, but you know what I mean.

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