Parts Unknown #90: Raw

No. No, no, no, no. No!


~ The Miz and Randy Orton have worked together before, so their match was going to run smoothly. That's a given. I'm not crazy about making your top babyface look like a moron, though. "Damn, a count-out? How did that happen???"

~ The idea of pitting John Cena against Zack Ryder. The idea, not the execution.

~ Ziggler and Sheamus are aces. What else is new?


~ Oh my fuck. Somehow, "creative" has managed to center Zack Ryder's push around John Cena. I'm absolutely sick of Cena's good guy act. If he was actually selfless, he would have done the clean job. Winning a match for Zack Ryder is not tantamount to putting Zack Ryder over. If anything, it made Zack look weak. Do they think that this will curb the booing? Cena haters will never stop booing the guy, and this is a prime example of why. Awful booking.

~ Gee, another Daniel Bryan loss. What was the point?

~ Kelly Kelly's roll-up victory. It's almost as if the WWE has thrown in the towel as it relates to the Diva's division. For cum's sake, Pin-Up Strong's video package was interrupted by Jericho's vignette (let's not kid ourselves; we all know it's Y2J), and the commentators didn't even acknowledge it.

~ And here I thought that Kevin Nash would be working a match. Predictable. It's pretty sad that Diesel hasn't added a single move to his repertoire since 1995.

~ Punk still rules, but he couldn't save the bland contract signing.

In conclusion, no.

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