Matches That Time Forgot #25

Time hasn't forgotten many matches involving the four men that I'm spotlighting today. I bet you didn't know that they all wrestled each other, though. Here we have a tag team match from the territory days. It's Jerry Lawler/"Macho Man" Randy Savage versus Rick Rude/King Kong Bundy. I know, right? This match took place in 1984 before any of these gentlemen entered a WWF ring. Top reasons to watch...

- The pre-match promo. Savage randomly walks in front of the camera and heaves a cloud of confetti into the air. Why? Because he's fucking awesome.

- Bundy was an underrated worker. As far as monster heels are concerned, he was more technically sound than most.

~ Double axe-handle galore. This match proves that Savage was a self-made superstar. He already had the look, the catchphrases and the move set by the time Vince found him.

~ Lawler's piledriver.

Oh, and Rick Rude isn't so bad either.

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