Matches That Time Forgot #26

I come bearing gifts. To be more specific, here is an entire episode of Monday Night Raw from 1993. Today's match that time forgot starts at the 10-minute mark (I couldn't find it in a clip by itself). Needless to say, all 45 minutes are worth sitting through, but I'm going to blab about the tag team contest between Tatanka/The Nasty Boys and Shawn Michaels/The Beverly Brothers. The actual tag teams on display were loitering at this point. Dallying and dawdling, if you will. The Nasty's left for WCW shortly after 'Mania, and The Beverly's...well, were they ever relevant?

The interesting story concerns the other two talents in action. As we all know, Shawn and Tatanka worked one of the better matches at Wrestlemania IX. On second thought, it was actually the highlight of the much-maligned PPV, but did you know that Tatanka was initially supposed to win the IC strap in Las Vegas? It would have made sense. He was still undefeated, and aside from Bret Hart, he was eliciting louder pops than the majority of his fellow babyfaces. For whatever reason, his career took a brusque nosedive heading into 1994. Perhaps a midcard title reign would have launched him into the main event. Who knows?

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