Parts Unknown #92: Smackdown

Unify the titles. Quick.


~ While I feel that it's too soon to give Daniel Bryan a major title, I'm not going to complain about it. However, this does expose the Smackdown roster as an inventory of "b" talents (the obvious exception being Randy Orton). The title picture is fucking weak. Either unify the top belts or send a couple of Raw guys over to the blue brand. Oh, right...this is a pro, isn't it? I dug the opening segment. It created enough tension to where you could buy a heel turn from Show or Bryan.

~ The Ryder/Rhodes match. They might as well milk Booker's last run as an in-ring competitor for all it's worth. Plus, it perpetuates Zack's hot streak without saddling the Intercontinental Champion with a clean loss.

~ Sheamus pinning The Miz's shoulders to the mat. I don't care for The Awesome One.

~ The match between Primo and Kofi Kingston was sick. These two gentleman (and the tag teams that they represent) have quietly been tearing down the house for two weeks straight.

~ The main event(s). I want to see Bryan and Ziggler work a 60-minute Iron Man match.


~ We needed to see The Uso's, and more importantly, The Uso's needed to be seen. A run-in would suffice. Maybe they save Air Boom from a post-match beatdown. Use your heads, creative team. You have got to push your best tag team to the next level. Those Samoan pups can only do so much with senseless booking.

~ Did they have to ruin the main event by turning it into a typical tag match? It could have been a Match of the Year candidate.

~ Aksana? Fuck off.

All in all, this was a strong episode of Smackdown. And that's all you need to know.

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