Abraham Washington needs a tennis racket...

It's sad how much of a tag team mark I am, but I can't help it. Do you realize that WWE has eight tag teams at press time? Granted, half of them aren't being utilized, but I'll take what I can get. For every APA that kicked ass across the board, we had to deal with a Well Dunn (for the record, I consider Hunico and Comacho to be the current owners of the Well Dunn placeholder). Last night, a four-way tag team scrimmage stole the show, for me anyway. The rest of No Way Out was remarkably inconsistent. If it wasn't for the immaterial tuxedo match and another Ryback squash, it would have been a sublime PPV. I was relieved that Vince McMahon didn't intercalate a swerve into the main event.

I'm curious to see what happens tonight, so I'll probably dust off Parts Unknown for an old-fashioned Raw review. Your eyes...keep 'em peeled.

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