...and counting!

Boy, you missed out on the party of the century! This picture only represents a FRACTION of the debauchery that went down four seconds ago. All of my stuffed animals are passed out, bro. What am I celebrating? Random Reviews is approaching the 20,000-hit mark! A couple of years ago, I underwent a surgery that derailed the shit out of this website. I wasn't convinced that it would recover, and it's still not where I want it to be, but things are definitely kicking.

I have my readers to thank. Once we have officially surpassed 20,000 hits, there will be a giveaway to commemorate the event. I'll sort out the details at a later date. This is just a "heads up" and a big, overly affectionate THANK YOU!

You can expect to see a new Vanity Scare and a new Blood Capsule in the coming days. Stay tuned...or else.

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