Matches That Time Forgot #39

God, I love YouTube. Soak it in, wrestling fans. This column rarely spotlights matches that I would consider to be genuinely great, but today, I slough off a delicacy. Vader and Bam Bam Bigelow team up to take on The Steiner Brothers. The year? 1992. The promotion? New Japan. This bout occurred right before three of its participants defected to the WWF (it would be Bigelow's second run under the McMahon plunderbund). It's safe to say that all four men were in their prime, and fuck, it shows. This match is awesome. It's not impeccable, but how could it be? Look at the ring; it's full of stiff workers. Basically, they suplex the shit out of each other for 18 minutes, and it's a joy to behold. The only thing missing is a Vader Bomb, but we do get a sick Frankensteiner that nearly kills Bam Bam.

I'll be honest. Vader's recent exhibition on Raw moved me to post one of his past engagements. It's a crying shame that he was mishandled by Vince in the late 90's. The same could be said for Bam Bam, even if you count Wrestlemania XI (ugh). At least we are left with matches like this to watch. Dig it.

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