Parts Unknown #106: Raw

As per usual, WWE is running a few intriguing storylines and a gaggle of not-so-intriguing storylines. Did the bipolar dissonance of No Way Out spill over into last night's episode of Raw? Read on to find out...


~ I liked the opening. It was succinct, productive and Mick Foley wasn't forced to partake in a ridiculous skit. The co-headlining tag match also served its purpose. Is it weird that I was turned on by seeing A.J. don a Kane mask? I thought so. This should be the angle that closes the show week in, week out. Back in the Attitude Era, any kind of weighty power struggle between a babyface and an authority figure would have involved the World Heavyweight Championship. In 2012, the top belt is a prop stymied by a bizarro love triangle that inaugurates the proceedings.

~ Finally, Dolph Ziggler is on his own! Sorta. His bout opposite Jack Swagger was poorly paced (Zig should have won it with a roll-up after five seconds), but I'm anxious to see where The Heel goes next. Woooo!

~ I'm all for Primo and Epico becoming fan favorites, and I loved the way that The Primetime Players deliberately disqualified themselves. AW is a classic pissant manager. Great stuff. Incidentally, I've read the Smackdown spoilers, and without giving anything away, this feud will develop swimmingly.


~ I'm sorry, but despite the presence of Paul E. Dangerously, I didn't give a feathered fuck about Triple H's habitual rivalry with Brock Lesnar. We all know what's going to happen. What's worse, we'll be getting more of these prolix, long-winded promos leading up to Summerslam.

~ Motherfuck, strip Santino of the United States strap as soon as scientifically possible. Why pit him against Del Rio for the umpteenth time? I understand that creative is trying to re-establish The Mexican Aristocrat as a lethal nuisance, but there are so many undercard talents that would kill to possess a fraction of the spotlight.

~ Cyndi Lauper played an integral role in the expansion of Vince McMahon's burgeoning promotion in the 80's. I respect her, but the crowd didn't. That segment was unbearably awkward. Heath Slater didn't help matters, but in all fairness, it wasn't his fault. Look, just give us more Vader. Pretty please?

~ Once again, David Otunga was featured in the main event. Son of a bitch.

The good things were really, really good. The bad things were really, really bad. What else is new?

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