Matches That Time Forgot #38

The Missing Link was one of Vince Jr.'s first attempts at pushing a spectral, unearthly character. He didn't create the gimmick, a wacky territory contrivance, but it would fit right in with the rest of the roster as the 90's approached. As luck would have it, Link didn't make it to the 90's. He debuted in 1985 as Bobby Heenan's latest acquisition (if you aren't opposed to a spell of sleuthing, ferret out his first match against S.D. Jones...now that's what I call vaudeville stagecraft). The time frame of his abrupt exit? The tail end of 1985! Hmm, that didn't deserve an exclamation point. My apologies to Dewey Robertson, the battle-scarred veteran behind the spinach green make-up.

Robertson won several titles in other promotions. Of course, his tenure with the federation wasn't exactly...gainful? He squashed jobbers and lost to the main event players. This particular bout doesn't stand out for any reason. It was hand-picked because it encapsulates The Missing Link in roughly four minutes. He didn't set the industry on fire, but he helped pave the way for eerie spooks such as The Undertaker, Papa Shango, Kane, Giant Gonzalez (!) and even Doink the Clown.

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