Darkwing Pumpkinhead

Your eyes do not deceive you. That's a winged Pumpkinhead. It's a vinyl model that was made by GEOmetric Design, a company that specialized in model kits. Why does it have wings? It's a tie-in to the comic book series I reviewed yesterday. Apparently, we were supposed to see a winged demon take flight towards the end of the story, but of course, the end of the story wasn't published. Okay, WHAT THE FUCK? This shit is too cool to be scrapped! If The Rites of Exorcism had been completed, we might have seen this rendering of Pumpkinhead in live action instead of...y'know, Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings.

Incidentally, this model kit is a collector's item for more than one reason. Each figure came with a booklet that contained the resolution of the story told in The Rites of Exorcism, as authored by the writer(s) responsible for the Dark Horse series. Although it included illustrations, I don't think it was a full-fledged comic book. Good luck finding it, though. This isn't something that regularly pops up on eBay (if it does, I haven't seen it). I'm holding out hope. After all, I never expected to stumble upon a first edition copy of the Creepshow graphic novel "in the wild," but I did. Yes, yes...someday, it shall be mine.

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