Parts Unknown #15: Smackdown

This week's Smackdown was weird. I can't quite put my finger on it. Let's see what happened...


~ The tag team match between MVP/Kaval and Drew McIntyre/Dolph Ziggler. There weren't as many double-team maneuvers as there could have been, but how could there be? These guys were built to be single competitors, so neither team had any chemistry. Still, this was a long, intense fight. This will mark MVP's last appearance on WWE television. He requested his release and Vince McMahon complied. MVP has been working solid matches as of late, but I've always found him to be bland. I'm glad that he's gone. With another babyface expunged from the roster, maybe Chris Masters will finally get the midcard push that he deserves.

~ The bout between Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger to decide the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship. Match of the night! It went for over 15 minutes. Kofi botched a couple of spots, but he also did things that I've never seen him do before. I loved how he jumped over the ring steps to send Swagger crashing into them. My prediction is that he'll be the one to take the IC strap from Ziggler.

~ The "Dashing" Cody Rhodes/Chris Masters match. Unfortunately, Masters lost (again), but needless to say, the match was enjoyable. This is Smackdown, after all.


~ More of Edge wheeling Paul Bearer around the arena? This is getting old. The storyline didn't progress, unless you count the fact that Edge picked the stipulation for his match with Kane at TLC. What's the stipulation, you ask? It's going to be a TLC match. What a shocker!

~ The Diva's match, which did not include Beth Pheonix. What the fuckety-fuck? Is she still injured? Oh, and the face-off between Hornswoggle and the eagle (that he supposedly killed last week) was fucking stupid. By the way, I read that Layla is dating Cody Rhodes. Interesting.

~ Rey Mysterio's opening promo was awkward and stilted. I was hoping that he would fall off of the ladder. Don't ever give this guy a goddamn microphone.

The matches were great this week, but I didn't like anything else. I guess that's what I meant when I said that this episode felt weird. It was just...weird.

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