Where was the dead girl with the condom on her eye?

Okay, that's a terrible TLC joke. Get over it. I thought I'd post a few thoughts on last night's PPV. I think I'll make this a regular feature, but don't expect a clever title or full-length reviews. I just want to jot down whatever comes to mind about the PPV's that I don't pay for (which is all of them). If I'm being honest, I only checked out half of the matches. I mean, we all knew that The Miz was going to retain and that John Cena was going to flatten Nexus. From what I hear, those two bouts weren't particularly enthralling anyway.

The John Morrison/Sheamus match was fucking amazing. That might have been the best ladder match I've ever seen. No joke. The four-way Intercontinental match was decent, but shockingly, it wasn't as good (or as long) as the Diva's match. All four girls worked their asses off. I loved the finish. It seemed improvised, but according to Wrestlezone, the table wasn't supposed to break when LayCool landed on it.

This week, WWE is rearranging their schedule due to Christmas, so I'll be posting Parts Unknown tomorrow and on Wednesday. Laters!

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