Parts Unknown #20: Smackdown

The live edition of Smackdown started off with a bang. The midsection was bland, but things picked up in the second hour. The ending didn't work. So this episode was all about peaks and valleys. Let's grab our forks and dig in, shall we?


~ The opening bout between The Miz and Randy Orton. I liked the fact that the show began with a solid match. The Miz pulled off a few exacting moves that impressed the hell out of me. I have no doubt that thousands of fans detested Orton's dominance after the match, but if you read yesterday's column, you know where I stand on this issue.

~ The Big Santa cracked me up. I could be alone, but I can appreciate a well-timed dose of levity. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes's violent assault on Hornswoggle was awesome.

~ Santino flirting with his Glamazonian ex-girlfriend. Don't hate the player; hate the game!

~ I don't know why they're delaying Ezekiel Jackson's return to Smackdown, but I'm glad that he was traded from Raw. He'll have more success on the blue brand, as its midcard talent is more pronounced.

~ Drew McIntyre's 30-second squash match. Will The Chosen One be receiving a concentrated push? It certainly seems that way. He hasn't done much since his feud with Matt Hardy, so I hope that he climbs back up the card. This guy has all of the tools he needs to become a major player. On a related note, his backstage segment was promising in spite of Kelly Kelly's dumbass facial expressions (try not to look at the camera, honey). I wouldn't mind seeing him turn face.

~ The tag team match between Rey Mysterio/Kofi Kingston and Jack Swaggeer/Alberto Del Rio. I don't care for Mysterio, but he executed a sick tornado DDT.

~ CM Punk saves the day!


~ A Raw Rewind in the first hour? Fuck that.

~ The handic(r)ap match. It was too slow. Cena's moveset is too limited to keep up with a wrestler like Dolph Ziggler.

Wow, only two cons? That surprises me because this wasn't a first-class episode of Smackdown. It wasn't bad, though. Parts Unknown will be back next week. I've got a ton of random movies to sift through.

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