Parts Unknown #21: Raw

This was the worst episode of Raw that I've seen since August. I didn't understand the point of most of the matches/segments. If it weren't for CM Punk, this would have been an irredeemable bungle of epic proportions.


~ The Randy Orton/Sheamus match. It doesn't seem like Sheamus has been on a losing streak because of how strong he has looked lately. That flying shoulder slingshot was sick. What I liked about this match (aside from its length) was the fact that there was no interference. Nice.

~ CM Punk becoming the new leader of Nexus. This is going to be good. Punk is the next Chris Jericho. Did you hear those cheers when he slid the black-and-yellow armband up his elbow? We finally have someone who can cut the kind of promo that is strong enough to counter Cena's jokey garbage.


~ Why is one half of the tag team champions involved in a singles feud? Are you fucking kidding me? Where is Koslov? Where are The Uso's? Where is the goddamn tag team division? Why even bother having tag titles???

~ The WWE Championship match is next week? This could have been a memorable feud, but from the looks of things, John Morrison will be out of the title picture before Royal Rumble. What is Vince thinking? Former tag team partners feud over the only prestigious title left in the company and we're not getting a PPV match out of it? I hope that I'm wrong. I really, really hope that I'm wrong.

~ Why is Jerry "The King" Lawler wrestling so much? His program with The Miz is taking precedence over Morrison's program with The Miz. Makes no sense.

~ Jackson Andrews being pwned by Mark Henry. Isn't this guy supposed to be intimidating? Why is he getting his ass kicked by a midcard jobber before he makes his in-ring debut? Can you imagine if The Undertaker or The Big Show started their WWE careers by being humiliated? Goodbye, credibility and intrigue!

~ Alicia Fox is still horrendous.

~ We come back from a commercial break to see a match between Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder already in progress...? We don't even get a glimpse at their ring entrances? Fuck off.

Ugh, I'm done.

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