Parts Unknown #17: Smackdown

The Smackdown writers have been on the receiving end of Vince McMahon's axe as of late. It's rumored that head writer Michael Hayes is in danger of losing his job, and while watching this week's episode, I could sense that the creative team was, shall we say, distracted.


~ The Kaval/Jack Swagger match. I almost listed it as a con, but it's not their fault that it was a mess. Kaval was legitimately injured early on in the contest, and as a result, he could barely move for the duration of the match. He couldn't even climb the ropes. I have to hand it to him; he gave everything he had, but it was all for naught.

~ The match between Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship. I wasn't too thrilled with the DQ finish. Jack Swagger deserves a title shot, but they should wait until the belt is put on a face to bring him into the picture. This one is half-con/half-pro.

~ Chris Masters wins? Holy shit. It looks like he's going to start a program with "Dashing" Cody Rhodes. Good for him. I wish that the crowd was more enthused (they were dead all night).

~ Santino and Koslov paid a visit to Smackdown! They had a fun match with Drew McIntyre and Chavo Guerrero. Look for Chavo to turn face in the coming weeks.

~ The Diva's match was actually decent. Layla was limber.


~ Kane's opening promo. Didn't he deliver the exact same promo around Thanksgiving? This angle is so run down. Edge has been pulling the same pranks on Kane for three weeks now. Drop it. No one gives a shit.

~ A leprechaun beat up an eagle in one of the most surreal matches in WWE history. Jesus Christ.

Blegh. I'm done. Vince, hire new writers for Smackdown pronto!

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