Parts Unknown #18: Raw

This week's Raw was the 2010 edition of the Slammy Awards. I had never seen the Slammy's since I just rediscovered my love for wrestling this year. What did I think of it? To put it vaguely, my reaction was lukewarm at best and disinterested at worst.


~ Former WCW Champion David Arquette! I liked the fact that he worked as a heel, and from a business standpoint, it was a wise idea to have him present an award.

~ The Wade Barrett/Big Show match. Yes, it made the leader of Nexus look weak, but something about his refusal to finish the match rubbed me the right way. In my opinion, it was solid booking. I'm sure that many of you will disagree.

~ I dig how they are keeping CM Punk relevant as a wrestler. I was awfully intrigued by his promo. Who will he feud with next?

~ The tag team match between Daniel Bryan/Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler/Ted DiBiase Jr. Ziggler is quickly becoming one of my favorite superstars on either roster. The guy is always on point. With a little more practice on his mic work, he'll be the total package (not unlike Daniel Bryan).

~ Angry Miz girl! I didn't care for how her segment was handled (c'mon, let the poor girl get the upper hand), but her mere presence was a nice touch.

~ The Miz/Rey Mysterio match was decent. Honestly, none of the matches stood out, as this episode was centered around comedy and "sports entertainment." I probably won't comment on the other matches, but again, Miz and Mysterio had a strong back-and-forth.

~ It was great to see Edge and Christian together again as faces. Vince, please give them one more run as a tag team. Pleeeeeeease!

~ HBK! I'm not his biggest fan, but as with Christian, his appearance made the show feel extra special.

~ David Arquette being powerbombed through a table.


~ We all knew it was going to happen, but the "re-hiring" of John Cena was fucking stupid. This whole angle was so poorly executed, that I'm genuinely surprised that it made it past the drawing board.

~ The Holy Shit Moment of the Year should have gone to either John Morrison or Kofi Kingston.

~ The 35-second match between John Morrison and Sheamus. I realize that it served a purpose (congrats to JoMo for landing a number one contender's match), but they could have hyped their PPV bout without teasing a match. I mean, 35 seconds? And why was it stopped anyway? Give me a fucking break.

~ Um, JTG? Pay attention.

~ The Diva battle royale was a misfire. That might have been the worst battle royale I've ever seen.

~ Cena wins Superstar of the Year? Insert a condescending smiley here.

That's all I've got. From where I sat, the 2010 Slammy Awards were half and half. If I used my Z'Dar rating scale for this column, it would receive a 2.5, the quintessential non-rating.

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