Who Can Kill a Child?

NOTE: I was literally busy all day yesterday, so I won't be reviewing Smackdown this week. Please enjoy this review instead. Please???

Who Can Kill a Child? is an intense thriller about a couple vacationing on a remote island. Upon arriving at the peaceful enclave, they notice that there are no adults to be found. The stores are empty. The hotel is abandoned. Our main character's pregnant wife spots a little girl, but that's it as far as human interaction goes. Eventually, it becomes apparent that this patch of sand has been terrorized by a group of evil kids. Why? I don't know, but I'll bet you anything that He Who Walks Behind the Rows had something to do with it.

All kidding aside, it's never explained why these brats are so fucking demented. The film begins with harrowing footage of children starving and/or dying in concentration camps. Thanks, movie, but what does Auschwitz have to do with your plot? It doesn't make sense. That's the only complaint that I can level at this Spanish spine-tingler. It's quite effective. We get to know the couple before they are caught off guard by Jerry's Kids (or maybe they are Bebe's Kids). The chase scenes are suspenseful, and the last 30 minutes are masterfully composed. Actually, the ending reminded me of Night of the Living Dead, although I wouldn't want to spoil it for you.

Who Can Kill a Child? is a foreign horror film from the 70's, so the dialogue is silly in spots. For die-hards like me, that just adds to the charm. If you're patient enough to wait out the methodical first half, you'll be rewarded when the shit hits the fan. Highly recommended. Watch it as part of a triple feature with Children of the Corn and Beware! Children at Play.

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