Parts Unknown #19: Raw

Last night's Raw pissed off Internet fans because of how The Miz was booked, and while I get where they're coming from, I have to say that I'm okay with how this title reign is being handled. Allow me to explain...


~ A couple of weeks ago, I was appalled by how weak The Miz was made to look. I'm changing my position. This guy needs all of the heat that he can get. The fact that he is making a mockery of the WWE Championship fits rights in with his character. Yes, he was pinned by Jerry Lawler, but hear me out. When was the last time that we saw a champion like this? Sheamus and Batista were heel champions who should have picked up clean victories. They're typical "tough guy" characters, but The Miz is a different kind of heel. He shouldn't be booked the way that Sheamus would be booked.

~ We finally have fresh faces in the main event. Lawler and Alex Riley stick out like sore thumbs, but this was the first main event in a long time that didn't bore me. It was a great match.

~ Melina's heel turn. The matches between her and Natalya are going to kick ass.

~ The Daniel Bryan/William Regal match. These two need to feud over the United States Championship before Regal retires.

~ The backstage segment featuring Santino, a pig-tailed Tamina and Maryse. Funny stuff.

~ It was good to see Dolph Ziggler getting massive exposure. He should have talked more than Vickie, though.

~ CM Punk's chair shot to Cena's back! This should be entertaining.


~ The "Christmas ghost" bullshit was ridiculous. I want to rape Michael Cole's mother.

~ Where were The Uso's during the mixed tag match? C'mon, Vince! This is the only credible tag team that can contend for the titles! Shouldn't they feel betrayed by Tamina? Get them off of Superstars, for Christ's sake.

~ Cena's promo. Awful, awful, awful, awful, awful, awful, awful...awful. Awful.

This was a decent episode. There were several things that I liked about it. Being the tag team mark that I am, the inexplicable absence of The Uso's bothered me more than anything else did. Smackdown is shaping up to be a curious watch.

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