Matches That Time Forgot #1

New feature alert! I'll be posting my Raw review soon, but first, I want to unveil the debut edition of Matches That Time Forgot. In keeping with the theme of this website, the matches I pick will be random (although they won't be randomly picked). I'm going to focus on silly gimmicks, unsung talents and men/women who were known to occupy the bottom half of a match card.

This particular bout took place in the WWF, but I'm not going to limit this column to one promotion. Here, we have a short match between Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Who (Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart in a yellow mask). The year was 1996. It was Jake's final run under Vince McMahon, and despite his tubby physique, he was still capable of working an entertaining match. I believe that his well-documented struggle with alcoholism was used in an angle around this time period. As for Who, I can't think of a more pointless character. What was Vince smoking when he conjured this gimmick up?

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