Matches That Time Forgot #2

This is already my favorite feature on the site. I live for random wrestling matches. Today, I bring you the debut of The New Skyscrapers. Back in the late 80's, the team of Sid Vicious and Dan Spivey was the only tandem that stood a chance against The Road Warriors. Hawk and Animal dominated WCW's tag division just like they dominated every other promotion that they worked for. When Sid was kicked out of The Skyscrapers, a Phenom-enal replacement was called up by the name of "Mean" Mark Callous.

Of course, in a year or so, Callous would become The Undertaker. I love this match because you can see the origin of Taker's signature moves. At one point, he does a balancing act on the top rope (listen to the way that Jim Ross sells the young man's athleticism...that's what commentary is supposed to sound like). He also executes a flying clothesline that nearly beheads Randy Harris. Kudos to the jobbers for knowing how to be annihilated.

The post-match promo is priceless. Teddy Long does his job (he has since forgotten how to talk). Spivey acts like a serial killer, while Mark draws a blank. "Sid Vicious...I'm Mean Mark Callous!"

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