Yet Another Quick Update

Tomorrow, I'll be posting a movie review. I've noticed that I've settled into a comfortable clip of writing one movie review per week. I'm okay with that since I write plenty of other things for the site, but this week, I'd like to focus on films. I'll still cover Raw and Smackdown. Also, I have a music review planned for the weekend. So it should be business as usual, only there will be an extra helping of horror-centric content.

PS-I'll say this again on Wednesday, but I'm open to requests for the Album Cover of the Week. I'll even mention you by name! That's right; you can tell your parents that you have finally lived up to their expectations. Imagine how proud they will be to know that their offspring has rubbed shoulders with world-renowned "nerdy stuff critic" Dom Coccaro, C.E.O. of Random Reviews Incorporated. NOTE: Try to stay within the rock/metal realm.

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