Matches That Time Forgot #3

I'm still in shock over the news that I received earlier today. Obviously, I'm referring to the death of "Macho Man" Randy Savage. What do I say? Like most wrestling fans, I was hoping that I would see Savage on WWE programming one more time before it was too late. Well, it's too late.

Savage represented an era of wrestling where the boys looked and acted different from one another. Each person had a distinct character. Unfortunately, those days are over. Will there ever be another Macho Man? It's doubtful. While he was denied the top spot in the company, he was unique enough to give Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior a run for their money. The match that I've selected is hardly a classic, but it's just as entertaining as any other match that Randy was involved with. Here, he battles Giant Gonzalez in one of his last appearances in the World Wrestling Federation.

This clip is noteworthy, for it contains Jorge's face turn. Watch as he wipes his hands clean of Harvey Wippleman.


  1. The Macho Man will definitely be missed. If they still had wrestlers like this, I'd still be watching.