Matches That Time Forgot #4

This match is from way back in 2009. Okay, so it's not a golden oldie, but time has already forgotten it. Most people have never heard of ROH (Ring of Honor), the third largest wrestling promotion in the United States. Smart marks cream over this company, and rightfully so. ROH delivers quality matches on a weekly basis in a no-frills fashion. It's the antithesis of "sports entertainment."

I could have chosen to spotlight any number of talented workers who have toiled away in ROH, but I'm keen on The Young Bucks. They are currently signed with TNA as Generation Me, and while I detest the Hogan/Bischoff regime, I can't deny that the Bucks have enjoyed some degree of success in Total Non-Action. This match is from their brief run in ROH. It's a fast-paced tag team clinic against The American Wolves (it takes a few seconds for part one to start up). God, why can't WWE have a badass tag division? Why???

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