Parts Unknown #55: Smackdown

I'm pleased with the direction that Smackdown is going in. Last night's episode had an "old school" feel to it. Almost everyone on the roster is involved with a feud. I noticed an emphasis on the midcard, which is rare for the WWE these days. Let the games begin...


~ Well, at least Christian addressed the controversy in his promo (it would have been hard to shrug off). We're finally seeing new faces in the main event. That's always a good thing, even if one of those faces belongs to a fading Mark Henry. I'm sorry, but the guy wasn't exceptionally serviceable in the Attitude Era. He is so far past his prime, I'm willing to bet that he could be outwrestled by Pat Patterson.

~ The Sin Cara/Daniel Bryan match. Wow. Match of the year candidate? We got aerial stunts, submission holds, stiff kicks and a well-booked finish. I can't wait for this angle to heat up.

~ Layla's tight shirt. Kharma as a tweener? Eh, I'll give it a chance.

~ The Kane/Wade Barrett match. This was a traditional wrestling exhibition, so I ate it up. I don't think I've seen Kane pull off a suplex since...um, the last time he pulled off a suplex (it's been awhile).

~ Jinder Mahal crashing the Khali Kiss Cam. Again, I like where this is heading.

~ I didn't really care about the main event, but it was a solid ten minutes of action. I'm glad that Christian scored the pinfall.


~ Heath Slater needs to be sent back to FCW.

All in all, I had a blast with this edition of Smackdown. I pray (to Joe Pesci) that Raw doesn't quash the momentum generated by the blue brand.

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