Parts Unknown #54: Raw

Last week was rough. Raw sucked, and while the majority of Smackdown was decent, the ending was blasphemous. I'm happy to report that the WWE has rebounded quite nicely from those indiscretions. Peaks and valleys are to be expected. Let's find out what Raw's new roster had in store for us...


~ The opening segment dragged a bit, but it was necessary. Fresh contenders need to be established. I like how R-Truth's heel turn has progressed. It's unfortunate that his feud with John Morrison was disrupted by an injury, but The Prince of Parkour might benefit from a break. On a sidenote, Ricardo Rodriguez is the fucking man!

~ Kharma destroying Eve Torres. I prefer it when she attacks heels, but I understand that Vince wants to see how the crowd will react to Miss Kong as a potential baddie. If it were up to me, I'd keep her as a face. Those pops are undeniable.

~ The Kane/Mason Ryan match. I'm totally into Kane and The Big Show as a tag team. All they need is a cool name (I suggest The Distant Cousins of Destruction) and matching singlets.

~ Zack Ryder sighting! When are they going to push this guy? I've been spotting more and more "Broski of the Week" signs in the audience. On Smackdown, I saw a sign that simply read "Push Zack Ryder." Take the hint, Vinnie Mac!

~ The Jack Swagger/Kofi Kingston match for the United States Championship. It had a solid back-and-forth, clever counters and a gratifying finish. I can't believe that this belt gets more TV time than the Intercontinental Championship.

~ The spectacular main event. It was almost PPV-worthy.


~ It's hard for me to watch Dolph Ziggler now that he is a pedestrian, customary Heely Heelington.

~ I still don't see whatever the creative team sees in Alex Riley. He doesn't have charisma or a wellspring of inventive moves. He doesn't have...anything. The guy is a low-rent Miz.

~ The Cole/Lawler bit. No one gives a shit.

What happened to A.P.P.L.E.? No, really. What was that all about?

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