The Junkyard #2


I've always loved Wendy's fries, so it came as a shock when I learned that the senescent fast food chain would be introducing new fries. They didn't need new fries. Sonic needs new fries. Burger King needs new fries. KFC needs new fries (their potato wedges taste like pissfuck). But Wendy's? Nah. What's so special about these new fries? For starters, the skin is left on. They're also baptized in sea salt.

At first, I thought they were too salty. I'm not one to complain about fried food being too salty, but in my opinion, "natural cut" fries don't need buckets of salt. The second time that I tried them, I freaked out. They were delicious! I've since eaten them a third time, and I still think that they're delicious. I can't explain why I flip-flopped, but now, the salt is my favorite aspect of Wendy's new fries. The natural flavor is appetizing, too. Are they better than Wendy's original fries? No. But those are just my two cents.

Seriously, KFC's sides are pathetic.

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  1. I'll be honest with you, Wendy's classic fries are probably my least favorite fast food fry. But then I've always been a skinny fry kind of guy, and Wendy's fries are about the thickest you can get without crossing over into potato wedge/cake territory.

    These sound like they might be more my cup of spud. I love the "natural" gimmick which subconsciously tries to get you to think these are actually healthy, too.