Parts Unknown #22: Smackdown

This episode of Smackdown was a marked improvement over last week. I'll cut the crap and get straight to the action.


~ The opening promos did a good job of setting up the main event, a triple threat match for the Intercontinental Championship. I'm surprised that Dolph retained. I don't mind it so much, but if they want Dolph to get over as a heel, they should have him split with Vickie Guerrero. Right now, he's just a heel by association feeding off of his kayfabe girlfriend's cheap heat. He should have his own heat.

~ The Big Show/"Dashing" Cody Rhodes match. Those chops were fucking serious, son! Cody's chest was bleeding as he walked up the ramp. Damn.

~ The Drew McIntyre/Trent Baretta match. Two things...I'm liking Drew's character, and I enjoyed seeing Trent finally work another match on Smackdown. It's too bad that The Dudebusters are dead.

~ The tag match between Edge/Rey Mysterio and Kane/Alberto Del Rio. There were a few inventive double-team moves.

~ Chavo Guerrero is officially a crowd favorite. His segments were funny as hell.

~ The Diva's match! Ever since Natalya won the title, this division has been getting more and more respectable. Last night's contest between Natalya/Beth Pheonix and LayCool actually extended beyond a commercial break. Unreal.


~ Teddy Long is an awful actor.

Only one con? I can't believe it either.

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