Parts Unknown #28: Raw

This edition of Parts Unknown will be brief. I have a good reason; there isn't much to talk about. Let's see how much blood I can drain from this turnip...


~ The tag match between Mark Henry/John Morrison and King Sheamus/Alberto Del Rio. A lot of action here. That's something that Raw did right. There was a heavy dose of wrestling (37 minutes, to be exact). That may not sound like much, but this is Raw we're talking about.

~ The Diva's Championship match between Natalya and Melina. I hope that they haven't already given up on this feud. How did LayCool get back into the title picture so quickly? By the way, would someone please inform the "WWE Universe" that Melina is a heel? Years ago (God, I'm old), it seemed so much easier to get a reaction out of the crowd. I guess that's what happens when you murder kayfabe in broad daylight.

~ I liked Dolph Ziggler on commentary.

~ The whole Daniel Bryan storyline is officially hilarious. This just proves that the writers do frequent message boards.

~ The main event breakdown did a great job of setting up the Royal Rumble. Hell, I was almost convinced that this Sunday's PPV would be worth ordering. Almost.


~ 20 minutes of talking to open the show, backstage interviews, locker room promos, talking here, talking there, talking up my ass...enough already!

~ I saw a picture of WWE's tag team division on a milk carton last night. If I wasn't sick right now, that joke would have been funnier.

Honestly, I dug this episode of Raw. It wasn't awe-inspiring, but I had fun with the matches. Moreover, how could you not smile when Gail Kim insulted The Bella Twins?

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