Parts Unknown #27: Smackdown

This week's episode of Smackdown didn't feature as much wrestling as I'm accustomed to, but it was still a strong show. Let's see what transpired...


~ On one hand, I don't like the idea of Smackdown having its own version of Nexus (this one is called The Corre), but I do like the fact that Wade Barrett is still receiving a main event push. He's one of the few men on the roster with any mic skills. One question, though...why are there two R's in Corre? It doesn't make any sense. Is it an acronym? Is it a typo that slipped by the spellchecker? What the hell?

~ The R-Truth/Alberto Del Rio match. I can't wait to see Ricardo Rodriguez make his in-ring debut.

~ The Layla/Beth Pheonix match. It took awhile, but the Diva division is finally superior to TNA's Knockout division. Those are words I never thought that I would type.

~ The Drew McIntyre/Trent Barreta match. Brutal offense. I have no clue where this angle is heading, but if they don't screw it up, it could be stellar.

~ The ending where Dolph Ziggler stood over Edge's lifeless body in triumph. I was also impressed by Justin Gabriel in his match with Edge. It's too bad that there is no longer a cruiserweight division around to highlight the wrestlers who share Gabriel's build.


~ The match between Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes was too short. Hopefully, it was just a tease of things to come. It seems like these two could work well together.

~ So now we have to wait several weeks (I'm assuming) to find out the identity of Teddy Long's assailant? Ugh, I don't care.

~ The boring amateur wrestling match between Jack Swagger and Kofi Kingston. The crowd's silence said it all. Dear WWE/TNA: No one tunes into Raw, Smackdown or Impact to see amateur wrestling or MMA exhibitions. Knock it off.

That's all, folks. Coccaro out!

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